About the Creators

This wiki has been created by a group of Hwa Chong Institution students who have visited the GSK facility in Singapore.


We also like to credit the following people for sharing their student logs on our wiki:
  • Ethan Teo Yi De
  • Soo Jian Xian
  • Lye Yu Xuan
  • Shawn Tan Cheng Yue
  • Wang Hong Chuan,Zach
  • Chua Zhen Yu, Anton
  • Fabian Tan Joo How
  • Hubert Heng Jek Ming
  • Aloysius Loh Dai Coon
  • Han Qingrui Marcus
  • Ong Beng Hwee
  • Wee Xian Bin

We would also like to thank all others who helped to make this wiki possible.