On 16 Nov 2012, I visited Intel Mobile Communication. It was a fruitful learning journey indeed.

In the morning, Mr Kwok Lih, an Intel engineer as well as a Hwa Chong alumnus, gave us a presentation. He briefed us the history of Intel, the facts about semiconductors and the theories of communications. Some parts of his presentation were really professional. My father and grandfather both works in the field of semiconductor so I became interested in it at a young age and have already known much about it. Nevertheless, I still learnt many new things from Mr Kwok's presentation, like how a telephone works. He also introduced many interesting facts like why the company is called 'Intel'.

The most impressive of the presentation was the video of the vision of the future. In the video, the digital devices are integrated seamlessly into people's daily life. Even the glass walls and newspapers are touch screens. Some of the technologies have already been developed but more are waiting for us to explore. If this vision can be realised, the future can be much more enjoyable.

In the afternoon, we had a look at their labs. The labs were not as big as what I imagined, but they had many advanced and expensive instruments to develop and test their chips.

It is a pity that I cannot take part in the notebook refurbishing project due to my travel plan. I wish I can have a chance next time.

This journey to Intel gave me much insight about the IT industry. It is the passionate and dedicated ones who developed the technology and changed the world. I hope to be one of them in the future.