On 16 Nov 2012, Friday, we visted the Intel Mobile Communications office at the Infineon building. During this trip, Mr Kwok Lih gave us an introduction to Intel, such as the mission of the company and how Intel functions. He also gave us an introduction to semiconductors and their applications. Then, Mr Kwok Lih shared with us the heart of what Intel Mobile Communications does - Communications. He showed us the basic model of communications(hope I got that right) and applications as well as problems in Communications. Finally, he showed us a video on the possible products and advacements in technology we can make in the future. After lunch, we went for a short lab tour. We were shown the environment where hardware engineers do their tests, some 'products' that they were testing and tests that could be done. Eventually, some of us stayed back to refurbish used laptops which would be donated to needy children.