Last Friday, we visited the Intel Mobile. During this trip, I learnt about the role of semiconductors and the theory of communication. What I was interested in the most was Intel’s click "Tick-tock" innovation model. In the period of “tick”, Intel focused on its manufacturing technology to reduce the size of its chips, while in the period “tock” Intel paid more attention to redesigning the micro-architecture of processors. Such innovation model improves Intel’s efficiency comparing to the older one, under which Intel made development in two areas at the same time. It also makes Intel’s progress “predicable”, thus ensures its sustainable development. Similar ideas can also be used in other industry or even our life.

In the end Mr. Kwok Lih showed us a video about the vision of the future. Of course in that video the future is beautiful, as technology has integrated seamlessly into our life, but I cannot help wondering: in this way will we rely too much on these high-tech devices? Will we feel disorientated without high-tech devices? I am not saying that we should stop developing advanced technology. But we should also consider the adverse effect, including possible over-dependence, of advanced technology before we face the dilemma.