Along the whole tour, apart from technical information, we also walked away with many interesting trivial. Did you know, why Intel's Original Name was "NM Electronics" That was because if it was named "MN electronics", it would become "Moore-Noyce Electronics" (More Noise), which is not good in the field of Electronics. Remember Nokia? Their first product was not actually a phone, but rubber boots!

These are not the only things I learnt. Through the quizzes and videos, which I really enjoyed, that supplemented the engaging presentation and tours. I have learnt not only more about technology, but also history. It was inspiring, and at the same time, very intriguing. The history raised my awareness about the things that go behind the scenes. Everything that we may take for granted, such as mobile phones, actually have a lot going on behind the the scenes. I also learnt about current technology, such as the quiet room, so as to test the state-of-the-art mobile devices. I would really want to buy the device that mimics a GSM network, but they are way too expensive.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip to Intel Mobile Communications,