Project Ideas - Research and Information

  • "After learning about Intel, I feel that a project about life at Intel could be possible, since it is a company that is dedicated to research and development, it might take months or years to invent and refine a new product, and finding out from the engineers what the feeling of success is when they finally release a product is a viable project.

    A study into the security of NFC devices is an option, since it is slowly moving into the payment sector, so researching about different methods to exploit this system and attempting to gain access to credit card numbers using techniques such as man-in-the-middle attacks or even hacking the devices to send the data to a different server to harvest credit card numbers is viable."

    - Fabian Tan

  • "After significant insight into and inspiration from the works of these two companies, I thought of a great idea on which I can base a project on. Since I am a consumer with an interest in IT products, observing the relationship between consumer's mindsets and technical advances is very important. A study of consumer's preference toward certain products and the reasons why would offer a clear picture for companies to model the next generation of products to suit the market.

    For example, a randomized survey of 100 people in my school, all 13-16 year old youths with large exposure to IT. Do they think Bluetooth is useful? What are their opinions on something like NFC? How much do they think such a feature is worth? These are all questions that every manufacturer wants to know, and I feel that as a student it is easy for me to get to the grassroots level of things and find out."

    - Anton Chua

  • "Research on minimizing radiation from mobile phone antennas is a crucial area of research, as excessive radiation is detrimental to health and will eventually cause health problems."

    - Han Cheng

  • "With the increasing prevalence of Bluetooth, how is it possible to optimise the range and power such that phones can transfer files to each other over a larger distance, without resulting in excess radiation?"

    - Wee Xian Bin

Project Ideas - Action and Innovation

  • "Starting a blog or wiki and using it as a means of communication between industry leaders and students will bring about great benefits in terms of industrial exposure and opportunities."

    - Lu Ping

  • "To improve knowledge of IT among the general population, we could retail hobbyist microcontrollers that require less knowledge to program and use, and are more affordable. Simple GSM/WiFi/UMTS modules could also be retailed for similar purposes. "

    - Shun Git

  • "More schools could be encouraged to take part in Intel's RoboCup competition, because it would aid them in developing skills in many areas of IT, including hardware design, programming etc."

    - Shawn

  • "A project about trying to shrink normal laptop processors into a chip with a footprint small enough to fit in a mobile device would be suitable, especially for tablets since they are getting more powerful and using well-established technology migrated into a different platform would be a viable option. Of course, there will be problems such as different architectures and heat issues, but if those can be worked out, Intel can be a very capable competitor against the likes of Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments."

    - Fabian Tan