Post Learning Journey Reflection

The learning journal that day was very interesting and I have, in particular, learnt much more about a phone's operating system. For example, almost all computing systems in phones use binary systems, which are basically a set of numbers with digits that are either a 0 or 1. Like a human nervous system, this acts as a medium to provide the necessary information for the "brain" to determine the types of programs they execute, the processes required to run a command, and the amount of lag time before it carries out another action.

Another topic that piqued my interest was Intel's "Tick-tock" innovation model. A "tick" means that Intel will focus on manufacturing technologies such as shrinking transistor sizes, while in a "tock" means that Intel will focus on advancements in the microarchitecture of processors. By alternating between a "tick" and "tock" each year, a stable improvement in microprocessor technology is achieved. Not only does this work in parallel around the globe to deliver coordinated technology advances , it also gives investors predictable processor advancements. In my opinion, this is definitely a sustainable business ideal, but its rigid structure might hamper the company's innovation and overall development since employees are always pressed to finish papers and meet deadlines. Perhaps a little more flexibility is required?

It was also interesting to witness the achievements of some of the "behind the scene" programmers that catalysed the development of computing technologies. It is truly sad to see people like Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, who created the C-programming language, or Grace Murray Hopper, one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mk I Computer, to be forgotten. Maybe they lacked Marketing skills, or maybe they lacked Charisma; But it is still unfair to discredit them.

Through this visit, I have also been able to draw deeper connections between phone communication and encryption. I assume that RSA -- one of the most reliable and widely used coding encryption system -- is used even when we are making voice calls, so that it is hard for an intruder to decipher a message. Although i do not know the specifics, I now know that secure phone communications work on the same principal as secure online bank transactions -- they have a private key n, d and public key n, e.

We ended the visit with tea, kindly provided to us by Infineon. In just this one day, I have truly seen and discovered many new things. Intel has definitely planted the seed of knowledge that I would be able to take with me for the rest of my life.