During this visit to Intel, I have learnt many things, such as communication methods, technologies that have been developed. This visit has been an eye-opening experience, as we were shown many ideas of the future (the video from Microsoft).

Mr Kwok also shared some interesting trivia with us, such as the reason why Intel started off as NM Electronics instead of MN Electronics. I also learned about the history of computing and electronics, starting from vacuum tubes, diodes, triodes, then transistors, and after that the many other innovations such as ARM and Intel's x86 processor architecture. I discovered the difference between x86 and ARM, the difference between the instruction set of the two architectures. This was different from what I thought at first, as I thought ARM was simply for mobile devices and x86 was for PCs. We also gained insight in Intel's inner workings, such as the tick-tock method of development, and also entered their labs and learned more about the instruments used in Intel.

In the afternoon we were involved in cleaning laptops and installing HDDs in them. The laptops were to be donated to a children's home. Doing our bit for our community!