0945 – 1000 : Arrival and check-in
1000 – 1100 : Introduction + Lecture
1100 – 1115: Teabreak
1115 – 1215 : Lecture (con’t)
1215 – 1330 : Lunch
1330 – 1430 : Lab tour + interaction with engineers
1430 – 1500 : Summary

We boarded the bus and began our journey on a cool, Friday morning. The atmosphere was rather exciting, with the incessant chatter of students as they talked about the possible things they would be seeing on that day's trip. A few were plugged into their earphones, staring out the windows of the bus while listening to their music. The bus ride from school to Intel Communications took about half an hour at most, traffic had been pretty smooth and soon we were at Intel Communications.

As the hoard of us walked into the front office of the building, hushed tones were adopted as we did our very best to keep as quiet as possible. A lady at the front desk kindly got us registered and we all had stickers with our names and a bar code pasted onto the breast of our shirts. Soon, we headed off to a small meeting room called the "Taiwan meeting room" and met Mr Kwok. Mr Kwok enthusiastically gave us an introduction to the world of semiconductors. We learnt about the uses of semiconductors, how semiconductors are made, and various other topics. We also discussed the future of technology and how technology has influenced our lives.

It was soon tea break, and we had a delicious tea break. The food included some kueh, and eclairs and some curry puff like wrap. It was scrumptious. Following this we then headed back to the meeting room to continue with the lecture.

At noon, lunch was catered for us. After that, we interacted with two engineers, and watched a few videos related to Intel and semiconductor technology kindly prepared by Mr Kwok. It ended too soon and before we knew it, we were on the way home. Time sure did fly when we were having so much fun at the event.